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Catalogue Up! Also, Time / Travel Fashion Show and Teslacon


Greetings!  This is the first announcement on our amazing new website!


A few things.  Cyclone Wasteland is up for purchase, so take a peek at the new looks!  Our Cyclone Wasteland print is up for sale.  This season our custom print was made by Megan Bishop of Apatico and Owls and Candy. It’s available in a dress and a skirt.  There will also be a cropped denim vest available in two colors with a patch made to match the print.  Apatico paired with the ultra talented Artist Built this season to design our runway headpieces.  The feedback has been AMAZING so they are working on a collection of ready to wear headpieces for us.  Keep an eye out!


Blasphemina’s Closet items are no longer available in the catalogue.  If you would like to buy any of the BC samples we have left, please take a look at the samples and one-offs folder over on Facebook. They have all been drastically marked down and are ready to ship.  All samples are as-is.


We’re in the process of having the official Facebook name changed from Blasphemina’s Closet to Samantha Rei.  There was paperwork and waiting so hopefully it’ll be any day now.  Sorry for any confusion.


Next week on the 23rd Samantha will be presenting a capsule collection in the “Time/Travel” show at St. Paul’s Union Depot.  It’ll be a very fun show with some of our favorite local designers!  Get your tickets today.

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The day after Halloween we’ll be presenting a portion of Cyclone Wasteland at our favorite convention, Teslacon! The fashion show is always a spectacle so make sure you make time for it.


Lastly, thank you all so much for your love and support while we transitioned!  While we came in below our campaign goal, we’re so grateful for what we received and it will really help with moving into the next phase.  $4105 is nothing to sneeze at! Contribution gifts will start going out in November, so keep an eye out for yours.  Some will take longer because they need to be made or ordered.  If you wanted to contribute but were unable to, we’re going to start seeking sponsorship for our spring show in November.