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Queens | May 19 – Jun 4, 2016

I am super excited about the play I’m costuming.  This is my first time working with theatre folks on a project.  Sandbox Theatre company contacted me because one of them has been following me since Blasphemina’s Closet (my old label). Here’s a little info about the play:


Queens | May 19 – Jun 4, 2016

Created and produced by the Ensemble of Sandbox Theatre

World Premiere; Part of the Theatres in Residence Series
on the ANDY BOSS THRUST STAGE (enter Hamm Building at 408 St. Peter and take elevators to lower level)


Queens is the story of an aging African-American boxer preparing for his final fight. Just one generation from slavery, he grew up fighting for his place in the world of Jim Crow America. For him, it’s not about the belt or the title, just one more job on the fight circuit. But also a chance to say he was here, that his life mattered. Set in the early 1900s, when boxing went from bare-knuckle to gloves, Queens will be created from scratch by an African-American cast and the Sandbox ensemble, led by Matthew Glover and Theo Langason.

 “Inspired and blown away by the artistry … the artists really make, and bring back, the magic of theatre.” —2015 Sandbox Audience Member