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Bring the Magick – Bionic Unicorn


Bionic Unicorn is one of my very favorite jewelry brands. I love magic, escapism, fairy tales and whimsy. I’m very lucky that over the years I’ve met so many people with similar likes and aesthetics to myself. One of the people in this magical world is the talented woman behind the jewelry label.

From their webshop:

Bionic Unicorn was born in 2008 through a desire to create magical amulets, jewelry with power to bring out the wearer’s inner magic. Merlinda Moonwave is inspired and determined to help bring out the magical qualities in each person in order to spread happiness and love.

Merlinda, the artist, was creating intricate and whimsical Steampunk jewelry when we met. Unlike a lot of Steampunk jewelers at the time, she incorporated hyper-feminine details that I knew I could incorporate into my Lolita style. She created beautiful assemblage pieces made with flowers she enameled herself, along with parts pulled from irreparably damaged vintage and antique watches (some posted below).

We both evolved and experimented stylistically together and created some really fun collabs. We’ve done everything from evening to costume and everything in between. Back when I designed under Blasphemina’s Closet, we would vend together at conventions. She’s also an incredibly talented photographer. I even got to model for her a few times! She’s a Jill on all trades!


In the last year or so she’s refocused her look and creates mostly dreamy electroplated crystal jewelry, as well as curates a collection of solo crystals you can purchase for your own personal power. She evolved from mechanical gardens to ephemeral crystals. Merlinda has created some incredibly gorgeous and magically powerful pieces and hope you love them as much as I do. Please click on the images to explore her goods. There are some blasts from the past peppered in there, too!


bionic unicorn magic jewelry

bionic unicorn magic jewelry

bionic unicorn magic jewelry