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“id.ego” F/W 2016 – Vancouver Fashion Week



Vancouver Fashion Week was an amazing experience.  Everyone was kind, the designers were all so different and interesting and I got amazing feedback on my collection. 


Want to follow the collection on social media? Check out # IdEgo2016 for pictures.


I did an interview with Metro Vancouver about the collection.

Although the Minneapolis-based fashion designer, who designs under the name Samantha Rei, often tries to tell a story through her work, she said this is the first time her creations will be telling her own story.

“This is a very personal collection,” Crossland told Metro. “It’s probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever been. I call it my therapy collection.”

Samantha Rei: “id.ego.” S/S 2016 – Vancouver Fashion Week from samantha rei on Vimeo.


We’re doing a lipstick release party with the Elixery on April 7th!  Check it out!



Thank you to Megan Bishop of Apatico for assisting me on my trip, Cristina for modeling, assisting and making the amazing jewelry, Megan and Chad for the moral support, gamer bingo and shoe carrying (and Chad for mixing my music), Photo Deviance for the last minute beautiful look book shoot, Lisa for being my last minute badass look book model, John Fluevog Vancouver (Granville) for providing shoes and the Elixery for making the gorgeous makeup palettes for the models.  There are a buttload of other people I want to thank, but I need to sit down and make a huge list so I don’t miss anyone.

Thank you for helping me make this happen.  Love you all!

xoxo, Samantha