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Frequently Asked Questions

As of 3/16/15 there will be additions and clarifications to our policies.


Can I request Custom Items and if so, what’s the price?

Yes. Yes you can. The thing about custom items is they are more time consuming and therefore will cost more than something off the rack. I like making custom clothing best because it’s more personal that way. Custom clothing is priced on an item by item basis and if during the process of creating the item the price goes up, you will be required to pay the difference (the price quoted is based on previous similar items, but your item is yours and therefore different). A deposit is required on bridal and special occasion, all other items must have the quote paid outright. Any other unforeseen costs must be paid before delivery of garment.


I took my measurements wrong so now my outfit doesn’t fit! What do I do?

If it is my fault it doesn’t fit I will remake it gladly or give a partial refund to cover time. Due to the nature of custom clothing, the money paid for materials and time (including, but not limited to, consultations, sketches, and fittings) can not be returned unless the garment is shipped back to me to resell. If you took your measurements incorrectly I cannot and will not give any refund, partial or otherwise, but can remake it or re-size it (within reason) for the difference in cost of time. You will need to send the garment back to me.


I’ve changed my mind. What do I do?

You have 14 days after initial deposit or full payment to cancel.  You may waive this if you want your order started immediately, but if you choose to do this you may not cancel it for a refund later.  If materials have been purchased, materials costs will not be refunded.  Time that has already been put into the transaction will not be refunded. This includes, but is not limited to consultations (where this applies), discussions about the garment, sketching and fittings. If the garment has been started, there will be no refund.


Do you want pictures of me in my pretty new outfit?

I would LOVE pics for the gallery section! Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone in my clothes!


How long do custom garments take?

They can take anywhere from 3 weeks for 3 months depending on the queue length. Take this into account when ordering.