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Cut, Color, Repeat – Carve Salon


Mahogany Plautz is my long lost celestial sister. We’re connected by a ribbon of creativity and optimism. Before meeting officially over six years ago, we’d been orbiting each other unknowingly for ages. Not only did we cross paths in the fashion scene, it turns out we’ve lived about 7 blocks from each other for about 10 years. It only made sense we’d end up connected.

Mahogany has been doing hair for a long time, twenty years to be exact! She is fiercely loyal to Paul Mitchell (she’s a regional educator as well!) and has her own salon, Carve, in Uptown Minneapolis. She’s one of only two people I trust to do anything with my hair. These gorgeous cartoon locks can’t keep themselves bright and beautiful!

One thing I love about Mahogany is the fact that she believes fiercely in her friends and community. She wants to raise those around her up. She speaks her mind, champions those who need it (often thanklessly) and lends her talents to create a beautiful whole artistic notion. She loves her family, chosen and created, she doesn’t do anything halfway and she is constantly looking to hone her craft. I’m just constantly awed by her.

These images are from my Blasphemina’s Closet days and they are from the collection “Second Star,” which when I asked Mahogany what her favorite collab we did was, she shouted this one! Click each image to take you to runway and editorial pics.


I’ve had the pleasure of creating some beautiful and thoughtful things with Mahogany. One of my favorite projects was my collection Ruby, Opal, Pearl for the show Lark in 2016. She understood the story and put her own personal spin on it. She’s a whiz at putting together creative teams for projects. Any event we do together is a breeze.

From her website:

CARVE SALON A Paul Mitchell Focus Studio in Sola Salon building in Uptown! Mahogany and Allie serving up cuts, colors and styles tailored to you!

Click the images below and get to know Mahogany and Carve!