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  • chrissam

    Island of Misfit Makers and StevenBe Project Runway Takeover – Dec. 2, 2017

    There are two big, cool things happening on December 2nd! One is The Island of Misfit Makers. Ashley and...

  • samantha_rei_shout_out_accessories

    Shout Out! Accessories

    Beautiful things made by talented people. These are all artisans who create gorgeous bits and baubles that are sure...

  • atelier_samantha_rei

    New Atelier on the Horizon!

    Some of you may know this, but many don’t. My old space turned into a conflict of interest so...

  • fashionwitchtotereihayweb

    Rei ❤ Hay

    It’s time, it’s time! You can finally get Ashley and my collab pieces! Pins are up (sewing machine is...

  • carve_mahogany_plautz_header

    Cut, Color, Repeat – Carve Salon

    Mahogany Plautz is my long lost celestial sister. We’re connected by a ribbon of creativity and optimism. Before meeting...

  • samantha_rei_shout_out_charity

    Shout Out! Charity

    As what I hope is a person with compassion, I’m sure you have a cause you believe in that...

  • Anhedonie

    Cut it Out – Anhedonie

    Cristina Peterson, the artist behind the jewelry brand Anhedonie, has been a part of the alternative fashion scene for...

  • apatico_samantha_rei_header

    Buckle You Up in My Love – Apatico

    Megan Bishop, accessory designer behind Apatico, and I have been friends since about 2007. We met in the infancy...

  • bionic_unicorn_samantha_rei

    Bring the Magick – Bionic Unicorn

    Bionic Unicorn is one of my very favorite jewelry brands. I love magic, escapism, fairy tales and whimsy. I’m...

  • project_runway_logo_samantha_rei_minneapolis

    Project Runway Sweet 16!

    I’m so completely excited to announce that I’m a contestant in the upcoming super special season Project Runway! For...