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Adornments of the Month: Fancy Man Edition – February 2014


Brr!  It’s been an extra frigid and snow-filled winter, hasn’t it!  Hopefully these pretties will warm you up a little bit.


Marching Achilles by Samantha Rei – Basic Reversible Cotton Bowtie (left) – $25

In celebration of awards season, I’m going to post a SR item that is currently Facebook only purchase.

My menswear sub-label “Marching Achilles” is named after my younger brother.  Sometimes I get the big to make menswear and after a few years off, I started up again, this time inspired by my muse, Mr. Christian.  Above is my most popular type of tie, the basic reversible cotton bowtie.  I offer four other cuts in most types of fabric.  Currently this fall under the custom clothing umbrella, so it you’re interested please feel free to email.  For more menswear options (vests, shirts, slacks, pocket squares, etc) please click here.



Picaresque Gent – Regular Moustache Wax- One ounce Sage & Citrus – $12

Picaresque Gent is an Etsy seller I’ve been aware of for quite some years.  They donated product to a charity fundraiser party I held the first year of Teslacon.  Their mustache wax is great quality and smells nice, but not too strong.  Knowing many a mustachioed man, I have heard light to no scent is important, otherwise you end up with a headache 🙂

“A subtle, well-rounded blend of sage and citrus. A masculine scent with a touch of sweetness.

My cure for the common ‘stache.”


Esscentual Alchemy – Lumberjack Man – $40

The first thing I notice about fancy men are their eyes.  The second is their scent.   I was introduced to Esscentual Alchemy at the Red Dress Collection.  I feel like a lot of people just smash essential oils together, stick them in little amber bottles and sell them at any new age store they can. I was pleasantly surprised by the odd balance of simplicity and complexity in the natural perfumes I experienced from EA.  You can tell she really gets it and that it comes easy to her.  Plus many of the titles and descriptions make me giggle.  I love the description of Lumberjack Man.  Behold!

“Lumberjack Man is a woody, aromatic natural cologne. 

Smoky tobacco, leathery labdanum, musky agarwood, sensual ylang ylang, spicy ginger, fresh lime, bitter wormwood, savory saffron, zesty black pepper, warm and floral rosewood, blend into a rich, and warm, yet crisp cologne, that is loved by both men and women. “

canney union suit

The House of Canney – Button-down Union Shorts w/Rear Flap – $75

It’s winter!  Layer, or you’ll catch your death!

Anthony Canney is one of my favorite designers because not only does he have the most AMAZING attention detail, he also has a great sense of humor.  This union suit is cute, versatile and kind of funny with it’s flap. Also, that’s Anthony modeling it for our viewing pleasure 🙂

“Wear them under your favorite clothes for winter or treat it as a shirt and never worry about have to keep your shirt tucked in!”


Stay warm!