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Buckle You Up in My Love – Apatico


Megan Bishop, accessory designer behind Apatico, and I have been friends since about 2007. We met in the infancy of the Minnesota Lolita scene and just hit it off famously. I don’t know what it is, but every Megan I’ve met in my adult life has been trustworthy and loveable. I have what I lovingly refer to as my “87 Megans.” This Megan is the other half of my design brain. We have similar yet opposite styles of design and blend seamlessly together. She got her start designing clothing for her own label, only to shift focus to millinery and accessory design. We’ve designed together for about 7 years and it seems like we only started yesterday.

We’re currently working on a really interesting collaboration that’s a bit different that what we’ve presented in the past. I’m pretty excited for everyone to see it.

I’m so fortunate to have her in my life. If you haven’t yet, please check out her designs by clicking the images below.


From her website:

Apatico is a collection of hats, headpieces, harnesses, accessories, and clothing.

Apatico is layers and juxtaposition.

Apatico is fashion, history, and fiction – remixed.

Apatico weaves new tales and modern myths.

Apatico turns heads, then disappears into the shadows.

Apatico is never too old to play dress up.

APATICO is a fashion line by artist & designer Megan Bishop (MCAD BFA, Illustration, 2006). After years of fancy millinery work, Apatico branched out into harnesses and accessories using PVC and leather. Each piece is designed and made by hand in her Seattle studio with an emphasis on great design, unique materials, attention to detail, and fit. Taking inspiration from fetish fashion, dark fantasy, clubkids, goth and punk styles, each piece makes a strong statement and becomes a transformative focal point for any outfit.


apatico accessory harness designer

apatico accessory harness designer

apatico accessory harness designer