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As many of you who have followed me for a long time know, I left cosplay behind many, many years ago because my goal was never to be a costumer and subculture designers have a tendency to get pigeonholed as costumers. I have massive respect for costumers and would rather they get the work. While I enjoy making costumes from time to time, I only make them for my very close friends. It’s kind of a fun escapism for me when I do it this way. Well, about a year and a half ago I caught the bug again after having not cosplayed myself since around 2007. It’s probably because I spent so much time working on my book Steampunk and Cosplay Fashion Design and Illustration and I was reminded what a blast it is! It’s been really fun, especially now that it’s acceptable to dress in fanart inspired looks and characters you create yourself, as well as such a wide array of dark skinned characters to choose from. I don’t have many looks, but I will be posting them over on my Instagram. I’d love you see your looks, so feel free to comment below with your Instagram accounts!